Our Clients

Serving our clients, covering different needs within large projects and combining stakeholders in one common metrics framework, Innorbis works with clients in different roles and sectors across Europe and are expanding into the USA and the world together with our partners, from public sector to private, financial and research, and communities.

Our platform, services and consultancy currently include:

  • Identifying special risks and opportunities impacting investment decisions and credit originations, including integrity of data source and sustainable criteria
  • Advanced data analysis and content comparison for countries, cities and corporates and transparent disclosure market content
  • Financial risk and impact scale
  • Conformity assessment for fair consumer trade
  • Financial portfolio and risk management
  • Customised capital market indices & indexes
  • Quantitative factors of quantitative and qualitative information
  • Financial instrument designs
  • Impact & thematic investment content
  • New KPI’s for corporates, cities and organisations
  • Compliance and disclosure reports
  • Strategic governmental innovation projects
  • Customised client digital development into sustainability integration

Financial Sector - Banks & Investors

We provide simple automated solutions to complex operational challenges.

From sustainable credit risk scale to standard disclosure reports (EU Taxonomy) to custom tailored investments, Innorbis serves with sustainability / ESG factor analysis , a forward looking and predictive ruled based model for integration in core financial internal processes. Our method and deep mathematical quants model is superior, operating with high automation of ESG and sustainability information.

Innorbis operates with neutrality, different from exclusionary models, for assessing organisations and financial instruments progression and priorities, as well as risk and opportunities. Innorbis Business Intelligence provides fair comparison among the equities, private or listed, and other institutions on their sustainable progression steps.

With Innorbis systems, Banks and Investors have in their hands:

  • A tool for eligible sustainable investments, its monitoring and disclosure reports
  • An integration of ESG factors and sustainable criteria to select strong and future market winning performers
  • A component into risk management processes to help pinpointing weak or exposed hidden aspects

Core basis Services for a Banks and Investments:

  • Sustainability factors of assesses organisations
  • Impact Analysis
  • Risk Assessment - for credit facilitation
  • Automation of sustainability factors and measurements for financial analysis integration

Within the Financial Sector we provide services to the following key players:

  • Investment Banking
  • Asset Management
  • Wealth Management
  • Private Banking
  • Risk Assessment for credit facilitators
  • Insurance
  • Pension Funds
  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Other financial players and trade platforms

Innorbis provides instant value for Investors based on a unique predictive forward looking measurement system, with high integrity and reliability that is breaking any prediction on the market. We know the “unknown” disrupting the financial markets and its stability goals. Risk management integrated with sustainability factors.

Below is an example together with C8 Technologies, a long/short strategy investment performance based on Innorbis ESG factor analysis:

INNORBIS Indice performance operational with our partner, closing 2020 at a sharpe ratio of 1.61 and annualised returns of 16.51%:

We offer:

Portfolio content, financial instrument design and criteria monitoring that includes sustainability strategy, analysis, ESG factors and for compliance and reporting

Content and indices include:

  • Reports for EU regulation and investor decision and compliance (Taxonomy Report - based on TCFD Guidelines))
  • All 12 capital category for value growth and sustainability development
  • Sustainability measurement factor analyses scales
  • ESG criteria baseline report portfolio at different sizes
  • Monthly monitor report based on performance and scenario analysis
  • Finance and compliance Reporting aligned with:
    • EU Taxonomy Report (mandatory as per 2021)
    • SFDR: Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation
    • RTS: Regulatory Technical Standard
    • ESA’s: European Supervisory Authorities
    • SEC: US Securities and Exchange Commission

Public Sector

Innorbis is empowering the public sector to make better decisions based on solid data measurement, beyond data collection, serving to better allocate and prioritise investments that impact livelihood in the cities and regions, its citizens well-being and in a long term development.

Innorbis serves with standard measurements for better decision making and steer towards sustainability goals in a mission oriented common platform.

In this way the public sector through procurement and economic analysis integration enabled by Innorbis promotes:

  • Transparency, enabling financing and investments that benefits and accelerates sustainable development - the alignment of budget and investments towards long term sustainable investment that will act on new regulation and systematic process change that benefits and attracts citizens and the entire community.

    E.g. climate related investments:

    • Transport communication: shall a city better invest on electrical buses, subways or tram line?
    • How public sector can move into renewable energy (supplying their building, but also city illumination system)
    • How can real estate premises can operate sustainable in both initial phase and later under maintenance
  • Development of sustainable financial instruments for funding with conditions, risk analysis and monitoring target criterias.

For more information visit Innorbis.earth

Corporate Sector

Innorbis provides corporates of all sizes with a neutral and objective scientific measurement assessment of sustainability information in an automated system.

We empower organisations to look with full transparency on how they are performing towards the goals of sustainability. We configure and develop required information on what is relevant, without massive internal resources needed, automating data information , qualitative and quantitative, measured in a fair and transparent system.

We do the work for you and automate it for your use and monitoring!

Innorbis effectively collects data , adding value also for middle and small corporations, private and listed companies, in one systematic assessment serving also for external communication i e for investors and asset owners.

Our output is within the common platform, positioning the company together with all other stakeholders. The importance of tracking all information in a mission oriented approach to visualise with simplicity where corporates are in their priorities, what is the next level, and for community impact.

  • 12 Category report (F-ESG) with clear visibility of areas of improvement, optimisation and risk - area oriented report.
  • Guidelines that help improve the efficiency of the company, reducing costs and develop towards the sustainable transition.
  • Builds alignment with corporate RoI and WHY and HOW to measure each KPI, sustainability objective strategy.
  • Monthly sustainability/ESG report criteria.
  • Market insights to promote sustainable impact
  • Guidelines and communication reports and disclosures
  • Synopsis - Optimization overview
  • Impact Analysis


From academia community, to universities to research Institutions across the globe, Innorbis supports research in different areas, based on metrics and scientific measurements across all areas such as social, environment, financial and governance.

Please see our partnership under Innorbis.earth and the pilot project for the Swedish cities and research institutions.

Financial Regulators

Innorbis aims to contribute towards regulators for a fair market play with transparency on underlying information.

Regulatory bodies are established by governments and organizations to oversee the functioning and fairness of financial markets and the firms that engage in financial activities.

Innorbis contributes to the goal to prevent and investigate fraud, keep markets efficient and transparent, and make sure customers and clients are treated fairly and honestly.

2021 is a year that more transparency will be brought up with new regulation and classification, for example the European Taxonomy that will impact all financial players operating in the financial markets within the region.

Innorbis is committed to support and collaborate with a neutral and transparent business intelligence providing fair comparison and understanding of sustainable development.

Our solution provides not only raw data information , but the transparency of the objectives met from each player in a deep learning mathematical model with high reliability and quality assurance. We focus on a market that is served with high standards of trust!