Online Zoom Conference for the Cities Climate Project

The Cities Climate Project Conference


The Cities Climate Project Conference is the non-profit side of Innorbis by ALDC Partnership, born with the intent to ignite the systematic transition needed within the financial and economic systems as a key part of our sustainable evolution.

Empowering civil society and all organizations with the transparency required, we are creating the common measures from where we see our world developing long term.

Our focus is to ignite the financial transition that supports Countries, Municipalities and Societal Initiatives to accelerate the investments needed in all sustainable areas including climate mitigation.

Currently we are leading a unique pilot project “Tool for integration of sustainability measures” focusing on cities in Sweden supported by key pioneers and partners we aim to be a blueprint for a global rollout.

Innorbis, RISE, Kommuninvest, SEI (Stockholm Environment Institute), KTH (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan), Umeå Kommun, Viable Cities, Samariterhemmet Diakoni