by Danhela Hendges

New Sustainability Partnership with Public Sector


textStockholm (NordSIP) – INNORBIS has announced a partnership with Kommuninvest, Kristianstad University, City of Umeå, RISE, SEI, Samariterhemmet Diakoni and Viable Cities through KTH to develop a new framework and standards in sustainable business financing and investment. The project, called a Tool for integration of sustainability measures in financial analysis, is financed by Vinnova and will be presented during an event on May 26th.

“The tool evaluates value growth and monitors the development of the factors that are relevant to meet the results we want – a positive effect in our society and the planet we want to live on. This tool enables the basis for a new, holistic, financial risk scale integrated with ESG and sustainability measurements. It is a marriage between climate action and sustainability, ethics management and finance for our generation in transition. This is the product that will change the market,” Angelica Lips da Cruz, founder and CEO of Innorbis, says (Pictured).

The project is motivated by increased demand for a joint measure of sustainability usable by cities, businesses and the financial sector when estimating whether projects actually have a positive effect on societal sustainable development. The tool under development by the tool under development by INNORBIS focuses on scalability and facilitating priorities in the decision-making processes for financing, investment and asset management.

“We see a need for increased knowledge about how sustainability factors can affect the Swedish municipal sector financially. This can apply to the impact of climate change and climate adaptation measures as well as other climate and environmental goals, including nature conservation and biodiversity. By participating in this project, we hope to be able to gain valuable insights in this knowledge field based on a solid empirical basis,” adds Björn Bergstrand, Head of Sustainability at Kommuninvest.

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