by Danhela Hendges

Sustainability Tool Shows No Trade-Off


“Powerful, objective, scalable and trustworthy – that’s what INNORBIS stands for,” says Angelica Lips da Cruz, Founder and CEO of INNORBIS at the company’s fourth workshop at the start of November. Joined by Leslie Pendrill, professor of experimental physics at Chalmers University of Technology and William Fisher, research associate at the BEAR Center – INNORBIS’ methodological experts – Lips da Cruz discussed how the company could help answer today’s sustainability problems.

Angelica Lips da Cruz, Founder, INNORBIS

INNORBIS, a FinTech company based in Stockholm, has developed a dynamic, forward-looking analytical tool for scaling up the assessment of sustainable development. “Our goal is to collect, process data to paint a comprehensive view of our world without losing any of its complexity. We are not interested in providing a single linear figure or rating that tells us very little about the dangers facing our world,” Lips da Cruz explains.

Sustainability Tool Shows No Trade-Off