by Danhela Hendges

The financial veteran's tool looks at sustainability work


Three years ago, financial veteran Angelica Lips da Cruz created Innorbis with the ambition of building the market's broadest and most complete sustainability analysis. Today, not least with a push from new legislation, she is well on her way.

With a database of 20,000 companies, 300 indicators and 10 million data points from 15 data sources, financial veteran Angelica Lips da Cruz and her company help Innorbis' financial sector and business assess how financial instruments, companies or cities contribute to sustainable development and meet their own goals.

“The method is forward-looking with the help of real-time and dynamic analysis and is not just based on the companies' own CSR reporting as many others do. We also remove opinions so that we can say in a solid and objective way exactly where companies and countries are on the sustainability scale and value the companies, taking into account how they contribute to the UN's global sustainability goals, "says Angelica Lips da Cruz.

It has now been three years since the start and the business, which today comprises about ten people, of whom five are employees, is growing steadily. But now, like others in the financial industry, she is being helped by new legislation, especially the new EU taxonomy.

"There are those who still duck, but it is becoming more and more obvious, not least next year, who they are. Then they risk not only failing to comply with their rules but also suffering a bad reputation and losing their competitiveness. ”

While many other analysis tools only look at environmental factors, Innorbis also includes social aspects and corporate governance, ie the other parts of the ESG spectrum.

"If you do not include all the parts, investors do not see the whole risk picture."

She is flagging for a major partnership soon with a player outside the banking sector, but can currently not reveal more details.